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The latest news on AnthologyHouse sales, new pieces available in the AnthologyHouse online storefronts on Etsy and Chairish, and updates on interior styling projects.

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Stellar Chairish Sellers

Alyse Hufford


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One of the coolest features on Chairish is the ability to favorite fellow sellers pieces.  From jewelry to an etagere - I've been collecting a favorite list and luckily for you, some of these pieces are for sale.  Check out some of these Stellar Chairish Sellers and their amazing finds!

The New Alial Fital Headquarters

Alyse Hufford


Alial Fital Showroom : Image Courtesy Alial Fital

About a month ago I had the opportunity to meet with a potential buyer about a bar cart I had for sale.  After further conversation, I realized we both had a shared passion for vintage home furnishings and decor and jumped at the chance to show him the rest of the pieces I had available in the shop.  Luckily for me, this buyer was Gibran Hamdan, a clothing designer and former NFL player who was looking for vintage furniture for his new Alial Fital headquarters and showroom where he designs and sells limited edition American made luxury menswear.

brass etagere

 Alial Fital Showroom : Brass Etagere, AnthologyHouse : Image Courtesy Alial Fital

I asked Gibran about how he became the CEO and Creative Designer of Alial Fital.  It's inspirational to hear how he left his former football career behind to follow his passion and teach himself how to sew.  He launched his new clothing line in 2011 and after gaining admirers from pro golfers (he became a sponsor of the PGA Pro Tour) and professional sports players who wanted quality yet stylish clothing, he knew he had to expand his operations and open a showroom in Seattle.

bar cart

Alial Fital Showroom : Gold Bar Cart, AnthologyHouse : Image Courtesy Alial Fital

Gibran shared these pictures with me from his showroom opening on October 9th.   And I am happy to see pieces he purchased from AnthologyHouse featured in his new headquarters in Phinney Ridge.  The addition of the bar cart to the showroom is so stylish and glam.

gilded rope table

Alial Fital Showroom : Gilt Rope Base, AnthologyHouse : Image Courtesy Alial Fital

And I love how Gibran paired the gilt rope table base he purchased from AnthologyHouse with a new marble table top.  Beautiful!


Alial Fital Office : Image Courtesy Alial Fital

You can read more about Gibran's story and Alial Fital here.  And be sure to set up your personal appointment to view his collections when you are in Seattle.  You won't want to miss it!

Follow Alial Fital on:




alialfital logo

Alial Fital Showroom : Image Courtesy Alial Fital

Design Crush : KP Spaces

Alyse Hufford

While hanging with a friend the other day, she was thumbing through Seattle Magazine's September 2014 issue and said, "Oh my gosh Alyse, I thought this was a picture of your living room!  You have to check this out!"  I laughed and said, "Wow, I love this house.  The living room looks like it could be set in Palm Springs.  But this was Seattle. Who decorated this house?" keri petersen 1

Image Courtesy Seattle Magazine

I discovered this beautifully decorated mid-century home is owned by Keri Petersen of KP Spaces.  Keri's home showcases her carefully curated vintage pieces (some revamped by Keri herself), vibrant colors, brass accents, and a gorgeous art gallery, all set against white walls.

keri petersen kpspaces

Keri Petersen of KP Spaces, Image Courtesy Seattle Magazine

Many of Keri's finds come from her thrifting trips and Etsy.  I think she does a fabulous job blending the old and new such as how her dining room flows effortlessly into the kitchen. The $20 mint-turquoise dining chairs are the perfect compliment to her original Sears stove.

keri petersen 4

Image Courtesy Seattle Magazine

keri petersen

Image Courtesy Seattle Magazine

And check out how Keri converted the coveted mid-century built in planter into an ice bucket for her favorite liquor and wine bottles.  It's the perfect spot for guests to help themselves to a yummy cocktail.

keri petersen 3

I hope to connect with Keri one of these days for some thrift shopping. I think the two of us could cause some damage shopping the thrift and consignment stores around Seattle. And I could really use her advice on how I could revamp an ugly dining table.

You can check out more of Keri's interview and a list of her favorite Ballard shops in the current issue of Seattle Magazine.

Featured on Votre Grande Soeur

Alyse Hufford

One of my dearest and closest friends, Allison Burt-Tilden of Votre Grande Soeur recently asked me to be featured in her Rad Ladies column and let's just say I was honored.  Allison is an amazing writer and stylist and is always two steps ahead of everyone else in her fashion, music, and accessory trends.  She has her look nailed down and is just so dang awesome.  You love her the minute you meet her. allison profile

Allison recently added a new column to her blog where she features some of the amazing jewelry makers, artists, and clothing designers in Portland.  She's made some great friends and connections through her regular column - Rad Ladies - and I just love how she's promoting creative women of the Pacific Northwest.

blog feature

You can check out more of her interview with me at:

Votre Grande Soeur

And be sure to follow Allison on:







Design Crush : : Dressing Room Interiors

Alyse Hufford

One of my favorite things about blogging and selling online is the opportunity to chat with people from all over about design and their latest vintage finds.  Be they from New England or the South - we all have a shared passion for old beautiful things.  With Instagram as our sounding board, we give a thumbs up and congrats to a fellow collector who acquired a vintage campaign chest or Bergere chair.  It's fun sharing before and after pics of pieces transformed with a little TLC. Someone whose vintage finds I am constantly amazed with and who can turn a blah space into something glamorous and chic is Ariene Bethea of Dressing Room Interiors.  I contacted Ariene recently about being featured on AnthologyHouse and she graciously agreed.  I'm excited to share with you our interview, pics of her fabulous home, how she turned her passion into a career, and her latest venture - designing desk jewelry.


Ariene, I discovered your shop a little over a year ago on Etsy and knew I had found a fellow online friend who shared the same passion for seeking out eclectic vintage pieces for the home.  When did the vintage hunting bug hit you and how did you know you could turn your passion into a career?

I was late to the blog scene and only started reading them in 2010.  I was amazed at the vintage pieces people were using in their homes and where they found them.  One blogger I followed, Dayka Robinson had an Etsy store for all her fabulous finds.  I never heard of Etsy so I checked out the site and the rest is history.

My style is...ever evolving.  I'm not just one thing, I love everything from California beach chic to Anthropologie. What is consistent is my love for bold prints, large statement lighting, saturated colors and black and whites.  The main living spaces in my home are neutral and relaxing, but the bedrooms (still a work in progress) have bold fun wall colors. My plan is to use the bedrooms to reflex my love for color and prints.

Ariene 2nd photo

If you could wish for anything vintage, what would be your ideal pieces and/or furniture?

If I could rub the genie lamp I would ask for a Vintage Brass Ibex Dining or Coffee Table, Porter Chair and rolls of vintage floral fabric, pretty please.

What has been your most rewarding shopping trip to date?

My trip to the 127 Sale (World's Longest Yard Sale).  It was at that sale that I bought the first items to start my Etsy shop.


You recently started designing and selling your own desk jewelry through your website, Dressing Room Interiors.  I am in love with your Pink Agate Marble line of paperweights. What made you decide to dive into designing new home accessories?  Any lessons learned?

Aw thank you Alyse.  I designed them with a blogger's lifestyle in mind.  Many work from home and rely on their home offices to be inspiring, colorful and stylish.  However they also provide a stylish desk accessory for those with full-time gigs that want to dress up their corporate office space.  As far as lessons, I'm still learning with this new venture.

paperweight butterfly

Besides being a curator for your shop and selling your exclusive desk jewelry, you are also the other half to Elle + Bae where you sell vintage pieces at pop up shops in the Charlotte, NC area.  Why did you decide to start selling at pop up shops?

For a few reasons, first I want to open a shop one day and but in the meantime having a pop-up allows me to have a shop for a day or two.  Secondly, mostly all of my furniture and home accessories sales are in California, New York, New Jersey and Texas.  And although I live in Charlotte, NC I have no presence in the furniture/home decor market here.  Our pop-up shops allow me to meet customers and let them know I'm in their own backyard.

What are three key pieces to a well styled home?  

A large mirror, great lighting and a proper sized area rug.


What current home decorating trends can you identify with and which trends do you steer clear from?

I'm not one for design trends but I'm happy to see chintz making a come back because I love florals.



You had the opportunity to interview the fabulous Emily Henderson, designer extraordinaire and HGTV Design Star.  What was the biggest piece of design advice she shared with you?

The biggest piece of advice she shared was if you love decorating with color, white walls are a must.  This sounds like really simple advice, but when people start out decorating a new space, the last thing they think about is painting the walls white.  White walls allow you to bring in tons of color in furniture and home accessories.

What’s next on the horizon for Dressing Room Interiors?

I see a brick and mortar in my near future!  But until then I will keep finding pieces to help customers dress their homes in style.

Thank you Ariene for taking the time to chat with me.  I look forward to meeting you in person one of these days.  I know the two of us can do some damage shopping together!

To see more of Ariene's designs and shop her fabulous collection of vintage furniture, be sure to check out her blog, her Elle + Bae pop up shop, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram: