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A Weekend at Blogshop

Alyse Hufford

Something I've always wanted to learn since diving into the creative world of curating + blogging is how to use Photoshop.  The program has always scared me and I thought only graphic designers and photographers could tackle it.  With so many tools and command keys it can be overwhelming to teach yourself.

Being a hands on person, I knew I needed assistance from some professionals.  So when an opportunity to take an in-person boot camp course called Blogshop with the gorgeous Bri Emery of Design Love Fest (I'm a HUGE fan and follower of her blog) and her killer photography partner, Angela Kohler of AngelaandIthyle announced they were holding a class in Portland, I jumped at the chance to sign up.

The class was held at the Tillamook Station in PDX this past weekend and was attended by a number of talented bloggers of all styles and focuses - from lifestyle to non-profit - we were all there to soak up the knowledge and creative energy of Bri and Angela.

On Day 1, there was no messing around and we jumped into the basics right away.  Thank goodness I was riding on multiple cups of coffee as we furiously learned short cuts, cropping, scaling, and effects.  By the end of class, I felt like I had been hit by a truck and was completely wiped out.  Angela saw the look on my face and reassured me the next day would be better - she promised it would all sink in by Day 2.  And boy was she right!

Day 2 started with a review of the shortcuts we had learned the day before and then we dived right into creating an animation from our profile pics (taken by Angela).  It was so rewarding to see your creation come to life in the form of a short clip.

The rest of the day was ultimately easier and more care free as we tackled colors, masking, and filters.  It was refreshing to see how relatively simple it was to create a mood board and now that I've got the basics - I hope to put their tips and tricks to the test.

So my synopsis of the class is this - YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT - if you want to learn the basics of Photoshop in a cool, hip, and fun environment - get the skills you need from the best of the best! Your blog will thank you.