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A Little Accessorizing Goes a Long Way

Alyse Hufford

A new friend of mine who I've quickly come to adore asked me if I would help her decorate her guest room and bring some new life to the space which as of late, has become a dump zone for her three boys trophies, footballs, games, and books.  We got a good start on the room - she picked up an amazing 1920's brass bed frame - and she started clearing off shelves to make room for some pretties until we got to talking about her living room. living room main

After: All decor centered around the client's family heirloom painting hung above the mantel.  I incorporated yellows and various shades of blue.  Couch, chair, and coffee table are client's.

main couch

After: Blue metallic lattice pillows, AnthologyHouse.  Silver faux snakeskin pillows and mirror tray, West Elm.

And that is where the guest room project ends (at least for now) and we directed our efforts to her living room. My friend already has a knack for picking up vintage treasures (her basement and garage unveiled some goodies) but she wanted a fresh eye on how to rearrange and incorporate a few key pieces in her space while maintaining the traditional feel of her early 1900's home.

bar area

After: Vintage Italian bar cart and vintage wingback chair, AnthologyHouse. Vintage barware accessories (client's own and AnthologyHouse). Print and floor lamp (client's own).

Below was my to do list and the small (yet essential) accessories I picked up to bring a little warmth and sophistication to her already stylish home:

  • Bar Cart - Scored a beautiful Vintage Italian Cart.
  • Vintage Reading Chair - Found a vintage wing back chair in smoke-blue velvet.
  • Colors - My client loves yellow and did not want any brass. I added warmth by bringing in hints of various shades of blue.  I also wanted to capture a little seaside vibe to her room as she has a killer view of Puget Sound.
  • Accessories - I utilized accessories she already owned by shopping other rooms in her home.  Sometimes it's a matter of relocating a book, frame, or just moving a table from one room to the next to get a fresh perspective on a space.  I also shopped for some vintage pieces and picked up a couple great accessories at West Elm to balance the vintage with new.

bar cart close up

After: Bar cart close up with vintage and new accessories.

side table with glass

After:  Side table and floor lamp (client's), vintage owl low ball glass (AnthologyHouse).

bookcase styled 1

After: We relocated this bookcase from the other side of the room to this space next to the couch.  All accessories are the client's, it was just a matter of shopping other rooms in her home to give a cohesive look with white and aqua accessories.

closeup bookshelf 2

After: Close-up of bookshelf.  Incorporated a vintage picture with her children's sea life treasures.

coffee table with tray

After: Coffee table styling with a mirror tray from West Elm and books, a plant, and client's own accessories.

close up fireplace

After: Close up of mantel with new accessories and an old family painting.

I had a blast shopping for my friend and rearranging pieces she already owns in her home.  It just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money to revamp your space.  Sometimes it just take a fresh eye and a little perspective - touches of gold are not so bad - and digging through treasures you already own can bring new life to a space.

So now that the living room has had a revamp, we are getting back to that guest room and can't wait to share pictures once it's complete.  Our goal is to get it done before the holidays are here and guests need a place to crash.

If you are looking to revamp your space - from personal shopping to a complete one room overhaul - please contact me at  I look forward to working with you!

Incorporating Vintage Items Into Your Home Decor

Alyse Hufford

Today I'm happy to share a guest post from Tim Smith of Modernize, a site dedicated to bringing the home owner design inspiration through their photos, articles, and interviews with home design and remodel experts. Modernize contacted me recently about writing a post for AnthologyHouse on vintage home decor and how it can accentuate and give your home that added 'it' factor.  I couldn't resist and below share Tim's post with you...  

vintage pic

 Image Courtesy AnthologyHouse

Bring Home the Vintage

A few decades ago, the popularity of adding vintage items to the home and your wardrobe was deemed a trend. Today, vintage elements are featured in just about every home decorating magazine and blog out there. Vintage has become a classic component of interior design. From high-end decorating schemes to budget-friendly room makeovers, the charm, patina, and texture of something old brings depth and texture to even the most modern rooms. Vintage elements are the great equalizer of interior design — they can be found on the curbside, in thrift shops, at resale vendors, and in the most exclusive home accent boutiques.

So, how do you add that rich and timeless assortment of odds and ends to your own home? Here are two easy-to-find vintage favorites to add eclectic appeal to any room.

Old Luggage

A favorite for function, cost, and presentation, vintage luggage is an easy passage to interesting vignettes in almost any room. Scarred suitcases with their dings and dents suggest world travel and adventures of heroines past. They are romantic and almost always replete with texture from scratches, scrapes, old leather, and other surface coverings. Look for interesting hardware such as hinges and latches. One consideration is to avoid baggage with musty or mildew smells — the odor is near impossible to remove. Select a good variety of luggage, in graduating sizes if possible.

luggage apartment therapy 

Image Courtesy Apartment Therapy

Once you have your old luggage home, vacuum them clean and wipe surfaces with a mild soap and water mixture on a damp cloth. Then stack them in a corner, open one with a pretty interior on a table filled with display items, tuck them under accent tables. Their patina and old-world feel will add a rich beauty to any room. Remember, too, you can fill them with odds and ends and organize at the same time!

luggage design sponge

Image Courtesy Design Sponge 

Glass Jars

This is quick and easy, and so very versatile and functional. Add instant sparkle and organize tiny collections while putting your pretties on display. Glass jars, from old Ball Jars to elegant apothecary style jars, are an amazing tool for order and presentation. Find these affordable treasures at yard sales, vintage shops, thrift stores, and antique stores. Stock up, because you may never have enough.

a pair and a sparedly

 Image Courtesy

Wash old jars with mild dish detergent and warm water, rinse well, and towel try. For stubbornly dirty jars, use a grease dissolving detergent. Look for jars with lids that have patina and show their age. Many glass jars have air bubbles and vary in color from blues to sun tinted purples. Try to find a variety or collect your favorites to display in groups. Then fill them with your tiny treasures: spools of thread, vintage costume jewelry, food items in your kitchen, art supplies. The possibilities are endless.

ball jars beachbungalow8

Image Courtesy Beach Bungalow 8

Tim Smith writes for Modernize.  To see more of their inspirational photos and project ideas please follow them at: