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Georges Briard : Era Designer

Alyse Hufford

**I appreciate all the interest and kind comments on the blog about Georges Briard.  Please understand I'm a collector and fan of Briard and not an appraiser therefore I cannot give estimates.** Are you a Briard fan like us?  We have an immense appreciation for era designers and without doubt, Georges Briard is one of them. Anyone who treasure troves knows that feeling of excitement when you've hit the vintage jackpot. Curating for our shop can be a full-on enlightening experience. Each piece has its own historical tale. When we're out-and-about, seeking new finds for the shop, it's always a pleasure to come across a Briard piece. He was a master in his field and huge hit in the 1950's and 60's, turning the average  hostess into a cutting edge superstar of collectable serveware, barware and other home accessories.

Georges Briard

Georges Briard was born Jascha Brojdo in the Ukraine. His family migrated to Poland at age four. Eventually he ended up in Chicago, by way of Poland on a chance visit to America to stay with his physician uncle. It was in this city that he studied at both the University of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. During this time, war broke out in Europe and he lost both parents. At a crossroads, without allowance to fund his tuition, he was granted a scholarship to earn his degree. After graduating, he enlisted in the US Army, then discharged in 1947.

By 1950, Jascha had been working for Max Wille and his design career gained momentum. His first noted pieces, were blank trays he hand painted while on a trip in Maine. Upon his return to New York, they were a huge success.

Initially he signed his pieces "Brojdo", but had later chose to use the pseudonym, Georges Briard, to save his personal last name for his paintings. Georges, to sound very French, Briard, after the breed of dog, which was also the same dog Wille had recently lost. And so, a brand was born and the 22k gold signature lives on.

Forbidden Fruit Motif // Georges Briard

Some of our favorite patterns, seen below, include Fancy Free, Patio Rose, Forbidden Fruit, Paradise and Linometric. Even the pattern names are as exquisite as the designs themselves. Etsy is full of elaborate selection. Here's a medley of our favorites to drool over...

Linometric // Forbidden Fruit // Fancy Free // Paradisa // Patio Rose

If you haven't checked out Designed & Signed by Leslie Pina, it's a wonderful resource for 1950's and 1960's glass, ceramics and enamel wares. The author put a lot time and research into this book. It tells the story of Briard's life and accomplishments in greater detail, highlights similar era-designers and is chock-full of photographs.

Designed & Signed by Leslie Pina

We believe it's out-of-print but did find our copy over at Half Price Books online. Do you have a favorite Georges Briard piece or pattern? We'd love to know!