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Incorporate Vintage Design Into A Modern Bathroom

Alyse Hufford

I was recently contacted by Zoe Blake with My Bathrooms, a UK based online retailer specializing in offering high quality bathroom products at to the trade prices about being a guest contributor to AnthologyHouse. I couldn't pass up her offer to write a post.  Especially since she shares the same passion for incorporating vintage design into the modern bath.  I'll let Zoe take it away from here... ultramodern-retro-bathroom-designs-collezione-by-savio-firmino

Image Courtesy Savio Firmino

Hi! My name is Zoe Blake and I would love to talk about how you can give your modern bathroom a classic timeless vintage look. As we all sometimes feel constrained by either space or budget to achieve a specific look in our bathrooms, this post will try help you solve them over come with ideas that are truly inspiring for your perfect modern vintage bathroom!

There is something timeless about vintage décor, and it is relatively easy to infuse a bathroom with a hint of vintage elegance while retaining all the benefits and convenience of modern plumbing. It is not necessary to fill the bathroom with vintage fixtures, fittings, décor features and so on, in order to achieve the charm and beauty of a vintage look, just one or two vintage touches are enough.

Claw-footed Bath Tub

gold claw tub

Image Courtesy Lushome

Old-fashioned bathrooms often feature free-standing baths that a tall man can’t lie down in! These are also impractical for a modern bathroom which tend to be smaller, but the effect can be achieved with a retro, bath tub. You can purchase a bath tub online from My-Bathrooms especially and add those lovely old-fashioned clawed feet to give it a retro look! They will be spacious for a tall man too and the standard size fits well in any bathroom!

Glamourous Wall Art

wallpaper bathroom

Image Courtesy Fashion Wallpaper

Even if your furniture and fittings are stark modern appliances with little in the way of glamour or aestheticism you can still achieve that lovely glamourous look. Opt for an expensive, but durable wallpaper in an ‘old-fashioned’ or vintage style from Vintage Wallpapers. You may also hang poignant black and white images on the wall. Waterproof frames are available from many home décor stores that will keep the picture perfectly safe from steam and condensation.

Repurpose with Beauty!

As we learn to look after the environment more and more of us are turning to recycling, upcycling and repurposing in our décor: taking something old and perhaps unwanted and giving it a new lease of life. This can be renovating or restoring something to its original state or it can be transforming it into something new and unexpected (think pianos into bookcases, drum-kits into chandeliers and steamer trunks into bedside cabinets and coffee tables). Old window shutters are becoming increasingly popular either as shelves or storage units or, in their original usage, as window dressing. Sanded down, painted and formed into new bathroom features, old wooden shutters are a great way to infuse just a hint of vintage charm into even the most modern bathroom – and you can rest assured that you are also being green at the same time.

shutters bathroom

Image Courtesy Pinterest

Small Touches of Elegance

If you are constrained by space in your bathroom and feel there is little that you can do as far as adding vintage touches to your thoroughly modern bathroom, think again! Small things like drawer pulls and door handles, towel rails and light fittings and even floor tiles do not take up very much room, but can all be changed for vintage or vintage-effect replacements. Ornate, beautiful door knobs add a degree of classiness while vintage ceramic floor tiles add financial value and look stunning while they do so!

bath laundry combo

Image Courtesy Vintage Pearl

Thank you Zoe for sharing your insight and knowledge of bathroom design and ways in which the home owner can incorporate vintage into the modern bathroom.

To see more of My Bathrooms product offerings, design galleries, blog and much more, please visit them at: