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Review of Rug Pad USA

Alyse Hufford

rug pad 1

My living room with new Target by Threshold Criss Cross Rug

Recently I was contacted by William McDonald, Co-Founder of Rug Pad, a rug pad retailer outside of the Greater New York area about reviewing some of their products on AnthologyHouse.  Initially I had reservations as rug pads aren't the most glamorous to write about however they are a necessity.  Especially for my 1920's hardwood floor home.

rugs pads 2

Rug Pad USA Superior Lock Non-Slip Rubber Pad

What sets Rug Pad USA apart from some of their big box retail counterparts is there focus on manufacturing high end, eco-friendly rug pads that are made exclusively in the USA.  They specialize in offering non toxic pads so you aren't introducing chemicals into your home.

I had been using a cheap perforated rubber pad with my living room throw rug and it didn't offer much traction. Since this space is a heavy traffic area and I'm known for switching out rugs as much as I do pillows, I knew I needed a durable pad that would be kind to my 50 + year old hardwood floors.

rug pad 3

I opted for the 100% recycled felt Superior Lock Non-Slip Rubber Pad and couldn't be happier.  The rug is completely secure, does not slip and adds the right layer of comfort and warmth to our space.  I highly suggest this pad for your Kilim and Soumak rugs.

rug pad 4

Rug Pad USA's Eco-Solid Pad

The other pad I needed to replace was for my 5x8 shag rug that resides in our guest bedroom.  I wanted something thicker that would help with sound and provide some padding for underfoot.  I decided to try out Rug Pad USA's Eco-Solid pad and couldn't be happier.  Not only does it add a layer of thickness, it helps mask the 'click click' of heels that are often heard from the floor below.  I would recommend purchasing this pad for those heavy traffic areas that require a little extra padding.  And an extra bonus - this pad comes with a 20 year warranty!

rug pad 5

 Close Up of Eco-Solid Pad

So if you are in need of a new rug pad and value USA made products, I suggest you investigate Rug Pad USA. With a variety of eco-friendly pads, free shipping, and 30 day return policy you won't be disappointed.

To read more about Rug Pad USA, you can find them at:

rugpad logo.jpg